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Dear Nedlands School Board, Educator and Families


Thank you in anticipation of your support, as we seek to respond to the emerging lockdown situation in the Perth and Peel regions. As per the State government announcement this evening, restrictions will take effect from midnight tonight.


From 12pm midnight 28 June 2021, the Perth and Peel region will enter a full lockdown until midnight Saturday 3 July 2021 based on health advice, with the following restrictions will be in place:



  • Effective from midnight tonight, the Perth metropolitan area and the Peel regions will enter a 4-day lockdown, based on health advice. 

  • Mandatory masks are to be worn in these regions when outside of your home, except for the reasons listed in the graphic attached.

  • Stay home except for the reasons listed in the graphic attached.

  • Schools and OSHC`s will remain open. 

  • Teaching staff are permitted to remove their mask while teaching to help with clear communication, and instruction.

  • Primary school students are not required to wear masks while attending school.

  • Physical distancing restrictions (2m2 per person) will be in place. 

  • Year 1 families are asked to use the outside eastern facing doors for the remainder of the week at both pick-up and drop off times. We are asking our families to please return to the routine of dropping students off to the classroom door and not entering classrooms where possible, capacity restrictions are in place. 


We understand this is difficult at drop-off and pick-up times. We are strongly urging our school community to be mindful of social distancing when on school site. We also remind our families that if your child presents as unwell to please have them remain at home.


With the lock down in place we will unfortunately be required to cancel the Winter Concert planned for this Thursday 1 July 2021 and will look to reschedule this event into Term 3.



For further detailed information on current restrictions please use the link:


COVID-19 coronavirus: Latest updates - WA

The COVID-19 vaccine is an important measure to keep the WA community safe and healthy.


All communication regarding COVID updates will be communicated via direct email to families. As further updates and information are released, we will email the school community to ensure you are aware of any changes.


Translation services for any COVID updates sent through can be access via the link below:


The impacts of COVID, physical distancing and restrictions can make us feel anxious, stressed and worried. It is so important that we continue to look out for those around us as we tackle these challenges together. Further resources to help support positive mental health during COVID can be found at:


Mental health resources to help you through lockdown - Black Dog Institute

The Future Proofing Study. Harnessing science to create a brighter future for young people. Learn more CRESP. Working collaboratively to reduce the rate of suicide in Australia.

Masks on, and let's get through this!